Chicago Tribune

The most mesmerizing act, however, comes from juggler Jochen Schell, who tosses rings into the air and around his body with incredible ease. So seamless is the routine that his expressive arms apper to be welded to the rings.

The Oregonian

In the context of contortion, feats of strength and aerial acrobatics, juggling might seem a bit tame, even if a good circus requires it. But Schell is truly a Lord of the Rings – he spins, fondles and elevates the white circles through a series of maneuvers of increasing complexity.

Hannoversche Allgemeine

But the star of the March programme is Jochen Schell. Not only does he look as though he were made for the part of Mephisto in “Faust”, he also has his diabolos and devil sticks so perfectly under control that one might be forgiven for thinking that dark powers are at work here. His juggling becomes even more artistic when he gets out his rings and creates magical pictures in the air with them, reminiscent of the geometric shapes of 1970s abstract painting.

Rheinische Post

As if by magic, the white rings, artistically kept in motion by juggler Jochen Schell, seem to float in mid-air. The audience expressed their appreciation with shouts of “bravo” and enthusiastic whistles.